Jul 05

Popsicle Classic Team Match & Summer Showcase 2017


Join us for an all day event of dancing, friendly competition, social events and general merriment, the Popsicle Classic Team Match & Showcase. This event is open to the public. Tickets will be sold beforehand and may become sold out, so please order your tickets early.

What is a “Team Match”?

A Team Match is an intra-studio (inside the studio) competition between four teams. The teams are made up of all levels of students. Students from the teams then compete against each other at their own level, winning points for first, second, third and fourth places. Students are cheered on by their teammates, friends and family, so this event can become loud and crazy! These points are then added up at the end of the match and the team with the most points wins. A scholarship prize of $1000, custom skirts for each lady and a new pair of shoes for each man is then awarded to the winning team.

Performances by couples, our ballet classes and the professionals are also featured throughout the day.

This event is open to the public. Please feel free to join us for the entire day. Food and drink will be provided and there are in-and-out privileges for ticket holders.

Proper footwear is required for all those who will be dancing.

Admission: $20 per person

Call 408-824-0074 or Click Here to buy tickets.