Nov 03

Our Top Picks for Best Ballroom and Latin Dance Music


Hello all! Many of you lately have been asking what the best ballroom dance music is. My opinion is that you should always dance to something that inspires you.  So, here are my top artists and song pics for most inspiring ballroom dance music:

“Cuando Calienta El Sol” on the Album The Latin Sound DJ’s Choice:  This song transports.  You feel the warmth of the sun on the beach and the romance it brings.


Cha Cha:
“Volver a Verte” by Oscar de Leon.  This classic stands the test of time.  After 10,001 listenings, I still am not sick of it.  The rhythm can be tough to find, but like anything that’s the real deal, it’s worth it.

“Le Serpent” by Guem Et Zaka Percussion.  With a decidedly African feel, this is rhythmic and pulsing, the way a true Samba should be.  Your bounce action will practically create itself.

“Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Haley and His Comets.  Well, there is no more quintessential Jive than this.  Slow it down a bit and you have the Big Daddy Jive that all the baby Jives wish they could be.

“Lasso the Moon” by Art Garfunkel.  Little known, this sweet lullaby Waltz is nostalgic and lyrical, creating the exact feelings you need for graceful movement.

“Por Una Cabeza” by The Tango Project.  Yes, this is the Tango from both “The Scent of a Woman” and “True Lies”.  Why?  Because it’s that good!!  So many Tangos are just soulless marches.  This Tango gives a staccato feel to a classic Argentinian sound.  And that ending?  Perfect.

“Enter Sandman” by Paul Young.  Yes, it’s a Metallica cover.  Yes.  Metallica.  BUT-the arrangement, quality of the musicianship and the rolling, swinging, edgy sound is broadway with Sinatra with sexy with sophisticated all in one.  Play those horns and I will dance baby!!

“Sparkling Diamonds” by Paola Fabris on “Ballroom Diamonds”.  This Quickstep has all the requisite rhythmical gymnastics, horns and fast swingy goodness to make you want to move and move fast.  Be careful or you might miss your mad hops.

So there you have it.  Get ’em and you’ll be inspired and moving those feet in no time.