Sep 30

Catching Up: July-September 2016

Broadway Jazz Dance Workshop:  July 2016

One of the unique events of the year, ADC’s Jazz Workshop focused on the Broadway style.  We learned the last number from the musical “A Chorus Line”, the famous “One”.  Participation got you your very own gold glitter top hat! Ending with the famous chorus line kicks was the highlight of the day, while afterward the pros had fun goofing around and outdoing each other in the routine.

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Bollywood Dance Workshop:  August 2016

As always Bollywood is an often requested and well attended workshop. Bollywood dance combines Indian and western dance styles and is used in Bollywood film, which is popular all over the world.  We enjoyed a warm up, across the floor combo and then to top it off learned a routine to one of Rebecca and Kris’s most favorite Bollywood songs (we were saving it for a special day).  If fun was the goal, we definitely scored!




Masters Tango Workshop with Aira:   August 2016

Our lovely ballroom coach, Aira, was kind enough to give a masters workshop in Tango in August.  We were thrilled to have her show us the wonders of the Tango hold and position all while making us feel that we were already doing a good job of it.  Many of us, including the pros, remarked that they learned something new, and we were reminded of it for a few days afterward as well by our sore legs! Who knew Tango could be such a workout?




ADC Social Event and BBQ:  August 2016

We were so excited to finally be able to restore our annual social event to the calendar!  Students, their pets and staff met at Heritage Oaks Park in Los Altos for an afternoon of gourmet potluck dishes, socialization and volleyball.  It was even hard to recognize some of us out of our dance clothes!  End of summer fun was had by all!




Student Graduates June-Sep 2016

Intro Level Graduates:

John Allen
Stephanie Allen
Manuel Arens
Yoko Bursky
Yin-Juei Chang
Mary Chesus
Carolyn Collman
Marek Dutkiewicz
Mel Dutkiewicz
John Grube
Ariel Hartzman
Lalia Helmer
Galina Karelsky
Stephen Longfield
Krista Mathisen
Erica Overstreet
Natalie Rasgon
Mudit Srivastava
Jim Stroud
Tiffany Williams
Paul Wise

Level 1 Graduates:

Lisa Cox
Roger Cox
Walter Chang
Lalia Helmer
Liz McLoughlin
Kristina Oven
Anne Puyt
Jack Sloane
Karen Yuen

Level 2 Graduates:

Caryl Ann Hathaway
Annie Marple
Donna Verna