Feb 01

Catching Up: Oct 2016- Jan 2017

Halloween Event:  Oct 2016

We kicked off the fall with our fun and frivolous Halloween Event.  The theme for 2016 was “When I Grow Up”, in which students and staff dressed up as what they wanted to be when they were a kid!   Guests enjoyed a Swing dance class taught by a cute spotted puppy and a Solid Gold Dancer.  We then had spooky sweet treats and open dancing, dance trivia with prizes and also best costume prizes.  Some memorable costumes were The Man In Black from Princess Bride, Cowboy, Harry Potter and a Warlord!

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Thanksgiving Potluck:  Nov. 2016

We thought it would be fun to offer a way for students and friends to get rid of their Thanksgiving leftovers, so what better way than a potluck the next day? We socialized and had fun for an hour and then were supposed to dance as usual, but instead we found that we were turkey tranquilized and so the talking and socialization went on and on!  We think we got about 15 minutes of dancing in at the end..

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Winter Show 2016:  “A Winter’s Dream”

This was by far the most elaborate show put on at the studio, with students dancing at a higher level than ever before.  All dancers prepared and were ready to go with their solo and group routines.  The show was fantastic, the audience was sold out, and the bonding and sharing backstage was heartwarming.  There was a variety of dance routines from ballroom dance “solos” to ballet to group dance performances and more.  The staff danced the final number, complete with flips and ballet partnering.  This event was the perfect one to end 2016 off on a high note!

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Intro to Ballet Partnering:  Jan 2017

Having been one of our most successful workshops of 2016, we brought back Intro to Ballet Partnering.  This workshop teaches the basics of classical partnering, but is also excellent for preparing for ballroom and latin “flash and trash”, or “tricks” partnering.  We went over basic lifts, supported turns and counterbalance positions while having open question and answers.  We were thrilled it went of without a hitch (lol)!  We all walked away with more knowledge, sore muscles, and trust for our partners!

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Student Graduates Oct-Dec 2016

Intro Level Graduates:

Greg Armi
Carolyn Botts

Level 1 Graduates:

David Almeida
Liz Almeida
Yin-Juei Chang
Sapna Kapur
Erika Overstreet
Ronna Phifer-Ritchie
Mudit Srivastava

Level 2 Graduates:

Jodi Erwin
Naomi Ishii
Duncan James