Apr 29

2016 at ADC: The year so far

Valentines Dancers’ Forum and Video:

Something new that we’ve done in 2016 is combine a larger (in this case Valentine’s Day) Event with a Dancers’ Forum. We’ve found the Dancers’ Forum to be one of the most special and artistically meaningful occurrences on our calendar. This event was an opportunity to share a workshop and the forum with a wider audience.

The workshop was entitled “Creating Expressive Dancing”. We worked on improvisational dancing and creative expression. A great time was had by all, even if a little chaotic! See the video below for a portion of the workshop.



Intro to Ballet Partnering

In March we presented a rare opportunity for those who have never danced ballet before to try a ballet partnering workshop.  Students learned to balance and be supported by a partner in simple stances and turns.  We had a great time, and even the pros had fun fooling around afterward.
IMG_0869 Small IMG_0891 Small IMG_0900 Small







San Francisco Open Competition Viewing 

As always this is one of our most popular events of the year.  Almost thirty (!) of us got together for front row seats and refreshments at this large regional competition.  In addition to the dancing being very exciting, we got a special and rare treat:  an opportunity to see Victor Fung, a world title holder in the Standard style ballroom, dance.  Wow, breathtaking.
IMG_1406 Small IMG_1451 SmallIMG_1498 Small IMG_1503 SmallIMG_1544 Small IMG_1557 SmallIMG_1390 Small IMG_1687 SmallStudents at SF Open 2016


















Student Graduates Jan-March 2016

Intro Level Graduates:

Lalia Helmer
Sapna Kapur
Janice Lowe
Liz McLoughlin
Michael Multhaup
Michelle O’Shaughnessy
Rita Pilkenton
Steve Pilkenton
Oleksandr Savchyn
Jack Sloane
Tiffany Tsui
Ian Wynne

Level 1 Graduates:

Cori Allen
Cathy Anderl
Joey Hu
Annie Marple
Sarah Park

Level 2 Graduates:

Cammie Bright