Apr 12

Catching Up: Feb – April 2017

Red, White & Black Ball: Feb. 2017

One of the more well known events of the year, ADC’s Red White & Black Ball celebrates the more formal aspects of ballroom dancing.   The event is also great for new students, of which we had several!  We began with a Vintage Foxtrot Dance Class, then went to general dancing, and then had several dance performances peppered throughout the evening.   Students, friends and instructors alike all looked amazing!

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Mumbai Nights Bollywood Event:  March 2017

One of the most requested events of the year, the Bollywood event is a chance to break out of your shell and move with abandon!  Set to Bollywood film music, this style of dance is free, easy and expressive.  Students enjoyed a film clip and story from one of Rebecca’s favorite films and then went on to dance to a song from the movie itself.  Bright colors and smiling faces were the order of the evening for this fun dance class!

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SF Open Competition Viewing Event:  April 2017

Needless to say this event is always exciting and inspiring.  This year was no different, and for the second year in a row students and staff were able to see the World Ballroom Champions Victor and Anastasia!  ADC guests enjoyed front row tables which helped us to get the best view.   In addition to spectacular ballroom dancing, we witnessed latin dancing with fantastic Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive and Samba as well as the American Styles.  There were too many photos to put them all here, but we’ll put the best ones below!

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