Ballroom, Ballet, Jazz and Bollywood dance classes for adults in San Jose

We offer artistic, thorough dance instruction for adults who aim for excellence. From our beginning ballroom dance lessons to our adult ballet classes we create strong movement skills and nurture the creative element in each person we work with. Our purpose is to provide an environment where dancers can learn and practice, then create and reveal their work in whatever forum they choose. No matter what your age or ability, we welcome you to discover the dancer within.

Ballroom Dance Classes

ballroom-img Learn and develop skills in ballroom dancing. Waltz, Tango, Rumba, Jive and more are offered in our ballroom dance program. Ballroom and Latin dance technique, characterization, timing, posture and partnering are the focus. Regular ballroom dance shows and demonstration opportunities offer a chance for you to create and reveal your ballroom dancing.
Check calendar for Intro to Ballroom Series Class.

Adult Ballet Classes

adult-ballet-img Discover the fundamentals of classical ballet in a rigorous yet understanding environment. Learn not only the physical ballet steps, but the theory and words behind the movements and positions. Frequent opportunities to perform in our shows allow for creative inspiration and expression.
Check calendar for Adult Ballet Classes.

Dance Workshops & Events

dance-workshops-img We offer jazz and bollywood dance workshops at regular intervals throughout the year. Each workshop is 1.5 hours in length and is best for those with some dance experience. Develop your coordination and rhythm while discovering something new.
Check calendar for Jazz and Bollywood workshops.